The National e-Infrastructure Service (NES) aimed to facilitate UK research by providing access to a broad range of computational and data based resources.

The goal of the NES was to deliver a production quality e-infrastructure to support academic research across all Higher Education Institutes  (HEIs) in the UK.

We provided core services to enable collaborative access to computing and data resources in support of UK researchers.

The NES ensured that UK researchers can efficiently exploit computing facilities all across the globe. To make this possible we developed partnerships with infrastructures in Europe, the USA, and elsewhere  in the world.

The EU Competitiveness Council has identified provision of e-Infrastructure as crucial to the future success of EU economies in a global market place. To meet this demand the NES has established itself as the foremost provider of international e-infrastructure for the UK. 

The NES was funded by JISC and EPSRC, and was led by the STFC e-Science Department. The scientific department worked in close conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, University of Leeds (White Rose Grid Consortium), and the University of Oxford.

For any support you can submit your helpdesk ticket to the NES Support Centre helpdesk by email as follows.