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Applying for a Host Certificate

Host certificates are used to identify machines (virtual or real) by hostname for secure services. If you need host certificates, the procedure is described here.

  1. Applying for a host or service certificate is nearly the same as applying for a user certificate, except you need your personal certificate loaded in your browser to apply for a host certificate. You can find out about how to import your certificate into your browser by going to the import your certificate page.
  2. Go to CA Web Interface -> ‘Request New Certificate’ -> Server Certificate
  3. You will now see the following message: 

 Click on “Request host/service certificate” to continue. 

  1. Enter all your details and click continue.
  2. You do not need to go to the RA to prove your identity, but you may still need to prove to the RA that you are responsible for the host in question, unless the RA can determine that by some other means (e.g. a local sysadmin database).
  3. You can only apply for host/service certificate for resources for which you are responsible (i.e. you must be the administrator). If you need a certificate on a host which you are not responsible for, then please ask the person who is responsible for it, you cannot apply for a host certificate on another person’s behalf.
  4. You should keep a backup of this certificate.

 If you need lots of certificates, we recommend that you instead use the PeCR bulk request script (written in Perl). You will need a bulk request id allocated to you (to tie the requests together), and you currently get this from the helpdesk. Contact the helpdesk and they will point you at the script and give you a request id.

by Dr. Radut