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Certificate Wizard

The Certificate Wizard is used to apply for and manage your on your desktop computer.

  • Apply for a user or host certificate
  • Import an existing certificate (for subsequent renewal, revocation, installation)
  • Renew and Revoke a certificate
  • Install and configure your user certificate
  • Certificate Authority (CA) certificate installation/config
  • Virtual Organisation installation/config (VOMS server certificates and Vomses files)
  • 'voms-proxy-init' (Grid Single Sign-On)
  • MyProxy Upload/download of proxy credentials
  • See our tutorial / walk-through here

Running / Launching

  1. IMPORTANT Please note that CertWizard requires Java 1.7+ Click here to download from Java.com.
  2. CLICK HERE to Launch CertWizard using Java WebStart (using WebStart will enable automatic updates - Recommended).

    Note that if for some reason you cannot get the WebStart version above to launch (for instance you cannot update your Java version) then you'll have to use the appropriate Zip file below. You need to download, unzip and then either double-click or run 'java -jar Certwizard.jar'.

  3. Further Information:

by Dr. Radut