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Revoking your certificate


You should request a revocation of your certificate if any of the following applies.

  • You are not working for an e-Science project or programme anymore.
  • You have lost your certificate or it has been compromised.
  • The information in your certificate is wrong or inaccurate.


If you have lost your certificate, you will need to contact your local RA so they can initiate the revocation process. If you still have your certificate, you can follow the steps below.


Requesting revocation of your certificate


  1. Make sure that the certificate you want to revoke is loaded in your browser. Check the certificate maintenance section to find out more about this.
  2. Login to the CA Portal at https://portal.ca.grid-support.ac.uk/caportal/cert_owner/revoke (Note: https NOT http). If you have more than one UK CA Certificate in your browser you should select the one you wish to revoke.
  3. If you are happy that the one displayed is the one you wish to revoke then provide a reason for revocation in the form and click "Revoke Certificate".
  4. Your certificate will now be in the SUSPENDED state until this revocation has been processed by the CA after which it will be REVOKED.


Once your certificate is revoked you can delete it from your Internet browser. You can find out how to delete your certificate by going to the deleting your old certificate page.


by Dr. Radut