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We now issue SHA2 certificates!

Welcome to the UK Certification Authority. Please read the information below to obtain a certificate.If you have any further queries please go to our helpdesk or refer to our documentation.

Who can have a Certificate?

Any academic, researcher, student or member of the e-Science community based in the UK.

Why you need a Certificate

A certificate from the UK CA can be used to authenticate you so that you can securely access Grid, Data and Compute resources worldwide. Our certificates are internationally trusted by the Interoperable Global Trust Federation (IGTF).

Who can apply for a certificate?

You can apply for a certificate if you have not previously owned a certificate, or if your certificate has expired or has been revoked. If your certificate is going to expire and you would like to renew it before this time, you should apply in the last month before its expiry date.

How long is my certificate valid for?

All certificates currently being issued will expire after one year.

The Basic Process:

  1. You request a certificate from this site.
  2. Meet with your nearest/university Registration Authority (RA) representative and show your photo ID.
  3. The RA checks the PIN that you entered when requesting your certificate.
  4. Then the RA checks that you are part of a recognised organisation.
  5. If all criteria are validated then the RA will approve the request.
  6. The CA operator will review the approval and sign it.
  7. You will be informed that your certificate is ready via email which will contain the serial number and instructions to get your certificate.

by Dr. Radut